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Dr. Ivar E Strand Jr

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Agricultural & Resource Economics 3204 Symons Hall 7998 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742-5535


  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Fisheries



B.A. 1967, University of Rochester: Economics
M.A. 1971, University of Rhode Island: Economics
Ph.D. 1975, University of Rhode Island: Resource Economics


Areas of Interest: 

  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Fisheries


Selected Publications:

Strand, I. E. (2004). Spatial Variation in Risk Preferences among Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Pelagic Longline Fishermen. Marine Resource Economics19(1), 145–160. 

Hicks, R. L., Kirkley, J., & Strand, I. E. (2004). Short-Run Welfare Losses from Essential Fish Habitat Designations for the Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Fisheries. Marine Resource Economics19(1), 113–129.

Hanemann, W. M. & Strand, I. E. (1993). Natural Resource Damage Assessment: Economic Implications for Fisheries Management. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 75(5):1188-1194.

Strand, I. E., Bockstael, N. E., & Siegel, R. A. (1992). Trade, Institutions, and Prefernce for Living Marine Resources. American Journal of Agricultural Economics74(5), 1150–1154.

Bockstael, N.E., Strand, I. E., McConnell, K. E. & Arsanjani, F. (1990). Sample Selection Bias in the Estimation of Recreation Demand Functions, Land Economics, 66:40-49.

McConnell, K.E. & Strand, I. E. (1989). Benefits from Commercial Fisheries when Supply and Demand Depend on Water Quality. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 17:284-292.

Lipton, D. W., & Strand, I. E. (1989). The Effect of Common Property on the Optimal Structure of the Fishing Industry. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management16(1), 45–51.

Kirkley, J.E. & Strand, I. E. (1988). Multi-species Technology and Stock Management: The New England, Georges Bank, Otter Trawl Fishing. Applied Economics, 20:1279-1292.

Bockstael, N.E., Strand, I. E. & Hanemann, W. M. (1987). Time and Income Constraints in Recreation Demand Analysis. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 69(2):293-303.

Chambers, R.G. & Strand, I. E. (1985). Estimating Parameters of a Renewable Resource Model Without Stock Data, Journal of Marine Resource Economics, 2(3):263-274.

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