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Mr. Donald Webster

Principal Agent

Principal Agent

Wye Research and Education Center 124 Wye Narrows Drive Queenstown, Maryland 21658-0169


  • Marine Science
  • Commercial Aquaculture
  • Commercial Fisheries
  • Seafood Handling and Processing
  • Aquaculture Policy

Development, implementation and evaluation of extension educational programs for fisheries and aquaculture development. Principal Investigator, Oyster Aquaculture Education & Training Program - implemented to develop commercial shellfish aquaculture in Maryland's Chesapeake and coastal bays. Marine science programs concentrating on commercial fish and shellfish production; aquaculture policy.

UME representative, Maryland Aquaculture Coordinating Council, 2005-present, elected Chair four times; Maryland Oyster Advisory Commission, 2007-2014. Member, Faculty Affairs Committee 2011-12, 2019-2020; Faculty Senator 2012-14; University of Maryland Senate - Chair-elect, 2013-2014; Chair, 2014-2015; Past Chair, 2015-2016. Member, Flagship 2020 Commission; Middle States Accreditation Steering Committee; University of Maryland Athletic Council, 2015-2017; AGNR Dean Search Committee, 2014; UME Faculty Search Committee 2016-2019; Member, World Aquaculture Society; United States Aquaculture Society; National Shellfisheries Association; East Coast Shellfish Growers Association; Technical Committee, Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center, 2012-present; Board of Directors, Maryland Agriculture Council, 2014-2016.