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Dr. David R Tilley

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Environmental Science & Technology 1421 Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building Building #142 College Park, Maryland 20742


  • Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Green Infrastructure and Living Architecture
  • Emergy Analysis of Ecosystem Services
  • Nature-based Solutions to Fight Climate Change
  • Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG
  • Equitable and Sustainable Mobility Solutions for Cities, Towns, and Transit Agencies
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup
  • Ecological Technology

Research Focus

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship of ecological technologies to mitigate urban heat, climate change, stormwater degradation and inequitable access to ecosystem amenities
  • Determining the effects of ecological systems, such as green walls, vegetated canopies, and artificial wetland gardens, on energy balance, water balance and water quality of the built environment
  • Effective ways to apply Design Thinking and Lean Startup to advance ecological technology innovation and entrepreneurship

Ecological Design & Engineering, Green Building Ecology & Design, Energy Analysis of Alternatives, Ecological Energetics, Emergy and Environmental Accounting, Wetland Radiometry & Health, Ecosystem Filtration of Air Pollutants, Living Umbrellas, Cool Green Shelters for Bus Stops, Smart-Green Amenity Nodes for Equitable Mobility and Transit