AgI2C Graduate Innovation Course

AGNR has developed a graduate level, intensive course to: (a) instill and practice the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and (b) prepare students to explore commercialization and/or support those already in the process of commercialization.

AGNR687i Innovation and Commercialization for AGNR Graduate Students is a one-credit course for Masters and Ph.D. graduate students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources or in the Department of Entomology in CMNS. This course is designed to instill understanding of innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization processes, resources, and leadership at the university and college levels, and use that learning to develop an idea/venture for a product or service, then conduct a preliminary market assessment with potential customers.  Graduate students will apply this classroom and experiential learning to career decisions regarding their conduct and results of research, breadth of teaching objectives, and field application with Extension.

Graduate students who are interested in taking this course should send an email to In response, they will receive information on when the course will be offered next, along with course registration instructions.