Russ Brinsfield Internship Program

Meet Our Interns

The Russ Brinsfield Internship Program is a collaboration between the Hughes Center and the University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative. The internship program, which began in 2017, engages an undergraduate student from the University of Maryland College of AGNR and a law student enrolled at the Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law working together to develop viable solutions to a variety of complex environmental, agricultural and forestry-related issues.

A photo of the Russ Brinsfield interns for summer 2019
From left are the 2019 Russ Brinsfield Interns, Michael Marinelli and Victoria Long.

This summer, our interns, rising UMD junior Michael Marinelli and second-year law student Victoria Long (pictured left), worked on the following projects:

  • Detailed the findings of three regional food reports commissioned by the Hughes Center for consideration into Maryland’s upcoming strategic plan for agriculture.

  • Finalized a report on current regulations and penalties relating to the theft of aquaculture oysters and presented it to the Maryland Aquaculture Coordinating Council.

  • Developed and presented to the Maryland Department of Agriculture a report on Virginia’s best management practice tax credit program.

  • Followed up with attendees of the 2019 Conservation Leasing Guide workshops and collected data on the implementation of best management practices on leased farmland.

  • Initiated the creation of a legal guide on direct marketing for specialty crop producers in Maryland.

  • Gathered data on forest mitigation banking in Maryland, including details on varying strategies in each county.

  • Researched urban agriculture tax credit programs across the country with a goal to improve Baltimore City’s urban agriculture program.

"We've been all across Maryland this summer meeting with leaders in the agriculture, forestry and environmental fields to gain a thorough understanding of the complex issues these communities face."

Victoria Long 2019 Russ Brinsfield Intern

2019 Russ Brinsfield Interns Michael Marinelli and Victoria Long give their end-of-summer presentation on Aug. 1 at the Wye Research and Education Center.