UME Compliance



ADO-AED-CED Interim Review Form May 2014

Compliance Review Checklist for all UME Field Faculty

Affirmative Action Plan & Approval Letter 2003

Regarding UME Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, etc.

Data & Parity Faculty

Information regarding UME Data Collection & Inclusion

Data & Parity Primer Recording

Currently Down

Data & Parity Quiz Key

Answer Key to the Data & Parity Quiz

Invitation to Self-Identify Sheet

Under Development- Continue Usage

Data Parity Planning Worksheet

For calculating current parity & goal statistics

Data Parity Tool

Guide to calculating resourced-based parity

Data Participant Contact Sheet

Contact sheet for Parity Data Participants

Data Policy

Not in effect until 2020

Documenting All Reasonable Efforts

General guidelines for documenting "All Reasonable Efforts" to integrate all Extension educational programs conducted in interracial areas.

Affirmative Action Statements

EEO Employment Statement (English & Spanish)

EEO Program Statement and Publications ( English & Spanish)


Federal Discrimination Laws

Pending Review- Continue Usage

ICR - Internal Compliance Review Guide

Internal Compliance Review - Faculty Guide

ICR Appendices

Appendices & Definitions for the above

ICR Best Practices 2013

Best practices for fostering involvement and diversity in programs

ICR County Review Schedule 2014 - 2020

Pending Review- Continue Usage

ICR Forms Listing

Pending Review- Continue Usage

ICR Forms Listing - AA-AF-1 -

Internal Compliance Review Response Plan

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ICR Forms Listing - AA-AF-3 -

Sample Organization Nondiscrimination Letter

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ICR Forms Listing - Form AA-AF- 8 - EAC Committee

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ICR Forms Listing - Form AA-AF-15 - Training Log

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ICR Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Pending Review- Continue Usage

Limited English Proficiency Regulation

Limited English Proficiency - Proposed LEP Rules

Limited English Proficiency - Frequently Ask Questions

Limited English Proficiency - Policy

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Sign Language & Interpreting Services Directory

Pending Update, Continue Usage
Administrative Procedure: Social Media This procedure applies to all AGNR operating units notifying the public of any events and or activities advertised on social media platforms. This serves as a guide relative to AGNR's federal requirement of public notification.