Administrative Procedures



AGNR Fiscal Year End Surplus and Deficit Balances

AGNR Overload Payments Memorandum  

AGNR Policy Reclass Staff Position  

AGNR Policy Sensitive Equipment  

AGNR Policy Start-Up Funds Procedures  

AGNR Policy Start-Up Funds Reimbursement Procedures  

AGNR Processing of New Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty Hires  

AGNR Salary Savings  

AGNR Startup Approved Reimbursement Workbook Template  

AGNR Startup Approved Spreadsheet Template  

ELF form "Federal Expenditure Activities" - Instructions to complete  

ELF Form "Federal Lobbying Activities" - Instructions to complete  

Establishment & Reviews of Centers and Institutes

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Maryland  

Tax Exemption Certificate - District of Columbia  

UMCP Outside Professional Activity Reporting  

UMCP Policy Conflict of Interest  

UMCP Policy Contingent Employment  

UMCP Position Description Form - Exempt/Nonexempt  

UME & AES Policy on Closing of Centers, Regional and County/City Offices  

UME Field Faculty Holiday & Comp Time Guidelines  

UME Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidelines  

UME Professional Development  

UME Professional Dues  

UME Reimbursement of Tuition at Non-USM Institutions  

UME Reporting of County Holidays in the PHR System  

UMSH & UMCP Consolidated Policies