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Shawna L. Weimer

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Animal & Avian Sciences 3151 Animal Sciences Bldg 8127 Regents Drive College Park, MD 20742-2311


  • Poultry Specialist
  • Human-Animal Relationships
  • Poultry Health


Ph.D. - Poultry Science, University of Arkansas, 2017

M.S. - Animal Physiology, Specialization: Ethology, Iowa State University, 2012

B.S. -  Animal Science/Animal Ecology, Iowa State University, 2009


Dr. Weimer's research and extension programs are geared towards the advancement and sustainability of the poultry industry through basic and field research to evaluate and improve animal welfare. The needs of Delmarva poultry industry key personnel and stakeholders are the drivers of Dr. Weimer's research interests. Current research in the Weimer lab is focused on the contribution of genetics and environment on the behavior and welfare of broiler chickens.

Current research projects include:

     Gut microbiome and immune response in 2 strains of broilers challenged with Salmonella 

     Evaluation of methods to humanely euthanize poultry

     Impact of environmental conditions and enrichments on broiler behavior and leg health

     Automated and non-invasive methods to monitor health and behavior


Dr. Weimer works with poultry enthusiasts and businesses large and small. She works with backyard flock owners, commercial integrators, and growers on identifying and developing science-based management practices to improve poultry welfare.

Dr. Weimer is a co-founder of the Poultry Extension Collaborative, a multi-university collaborative of poultry welfare extension experts. More information can be found here:


ANSC 262 - Commercial Poultry Management 


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