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Dr. Robert R Peters



Animal & Avian Sciences 1413 AnSc/AgEn Building 8127 Regents Drive College Park, Maryland 20742-2311


  • Dairy Management


  • Dairy management, improved profitability of the dairy enterprise on dairy farms is my motivation for pursuing the study of management.
  • Improving productivity or increasing milk sold per cow
  • Improving productivity through greater understanding of the cow's physiology, improved health and wellbeing and evaluating new technology that may have practical implications
  • Study of the mechanism of glucose metabolism using modeling and feeding strategies to prevent ketosis in per parturient cows
  • The role of recombinant bovine CD14 during endotoxin induced mastitis
  • Evaluating a non-antibiotic approach in reducing intra mammary infection during the dry period

The following are examples of studies that are under consideration and may be fully developed if funding becomes available

  • Evaluating the economic merit of installing Animal Rubber Flooring in commercial dairy facilities
  • Evaluating data loggers for continuous monitoring of body temperature and health of per parturient and postpartum cows

Dairy program leader at the Central Maryland Research and Education Center near Clarksville.Administrative coordinator of Extension programs and activities in the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences.Editor of Dairy Talk Newsletter.Provide leadership for educational programs on milk quality, mastitis control, and dairy management.