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Nutrition & Food Science 0112 Skinner Building 4300 Chapel Lane College Park, Maryland 20742-7521


  • Dietetic Internship Director

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Education:
    • M.S. in Clinical Nutrition. University of Chicago. 1982.
    • B.S. in Nutrition Science. Penn State University. 1975.
    • Registered Dietitian, licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC.
    Research Interests: The use of technology/ social media to support dietetic practice, and nutrition informatics education.

    Representative Publications/Presentations at Professional Meetings:
    • Ayres, E, Greer-Carney, J, Fatzinger-McShane, P, Miller, A, Turner, P. (2012) Nutrition Informatics Competencies across All Levels of Practice: A National Delphi Study. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 112(12): 2042-2053. (peer- reviewed paper)
    • Belloli, A, Herskowitz, R, Worthington, L, Fatzinger McShane, P.  (2015) URL Shorteners and Analytics: What Two Dietetic Interns Learned Through a Technology Assignment. J.Acad. Nutr. Diet. 115 (Suppl. 2): A-14. (abstract)
    • Spence, A, Fatzinger McShane, P. (2015) UP@JAWBONE: Combined Tracking of Activity and Intake in Private Practice, Research or an Internship. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 115 (Suppl. 2): A-15. (abstract)
    • Fatzinger McShane, P, Worthington, L. (2015) Using a Communication and Informatics Workshop to Promote Knowledge and Professionalism in Supervised Practice Students. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 115 (Suppl. 2): A-15. (abstract)
    • Fatzinger McShane, P,  Worthington, L, Wilson, S, Schneider, JK. (2014)  Tracking "Competencies for the Registered Dietitians: (CRD) in "Real Time": Interns Utilized DropBox with Success and Confidence. J.Acad. Nutr. Diet. 114 (Suppl. 2): A-19. (abstract)
    • Fatzinger McShane P, Schneider, JK, Holland, C, Wilson, S, Pellechia, K.(2013) Use of Online Technology Programs/Tools to Enhance Efficiency and Reach a Wider Audience.  J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 115 (Suppl. 2): A-15. (abstract)
    • Beaver, B, Swan, M, Holland, C, Pellechia, K, Fatzinger McShane, P.(2013)  Knovio: Generating Your Free Webinars for Today or Next Week. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 113 (Suppl. 3): A-17. (abstract)
    • Vargas, J, Fatzinger McShane, P, Schneider, JK, Pellechia, K.  (2013) Infographics: Presenting Data Visually to Keep the Reader Engaged. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet.  113 (Suppl. 3): A-67. (abstract)
    • Holland, C, Pellechia, K, Schneider, J, Wilson, S, Fatzinger McShane, P. (2013) Intern Blogs: Communicating New Technology Tools to a Broader Professional Audience.  J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 113 (Suppl. 3): A-67. (abstract)
    • Izer, E, Fatzinger McShane, P, Wilson, SE.  (2012) Eyejot Video Email: Making Your Message More Effective with Visual and Sound Effects. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 2112 (Suppl 3): A-18. (abstract)
    • Hogan, L, Fatzinger McShane P.  (2012) Creating an Online Resume for Your Email Signature: Virtually Market Your Skills to Future Employers with VisualCV. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 112 (Suppl. 3): A-18. (abstract)
    • Wincheski, E, Fatzinger McShane, P.  (2012) Using a Mobile Technology Tool to Organize, Schedule and Share from Anywhere. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 112 (Suppl 3): A-19. (abstract)
    • Fatzinger McShane, P, Worthington, L, Braunscheidel, E, Sargent, C, Paleg, B. (2012) Technology to Support Practice: Dietetic Interns Train Extension Staff in Social Media and Technology Tool Use to Enhance Marketing and Time Management.  J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. 112 (Suppl. 3): A-96. (abstract)
    • Gill, R, Fatzinger McShane, P.  (2011) An Emerging Technology Tool for Online Self-Marketing: Market Yourself with More than Business Cards. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 111(9): A-18. (abstract)
    • Fortunato, K, Fatzinger McShane, P. (2011) New Technology Tool to Personalize Your Web Experience. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 111(9): A-19. (abstract)
    • Meassick, K, Fatzinger McShane, P, Butler, L, Liu, J. (2011) Creating Tailored RSS Feeds Specific to Clients’ Interests and Needs Using Yahoo! Pipes: One Intern’s Experience. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 111(9): A-19. (abstract)
    • Sielbeck-Vimini, C, Fatzinger McShane, P, Haven, J. (2011) Monitoring Public Response to the Release of Federal Nutritional Guidance by Analyzing the Blogosphere. J. Am. Diet. Assoc. 111(9): A-19. (abstract)
    • Mushkat, R, Worthington, L, Fatzinger McShane, P. (2010) Effective Facebook Fan Pages: A New Way to Market Your Organization and Your Message. J. Am. Diet. Assoc.  110(9): A-21. (abstract)
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    • Fatzinger McShane PE and Scarpero C. (2005). Electronic Portfolio: A Paperless Portfolio for Interns to Track Accomplishments and Market Themselves. J Am Diet Assoc 105(8): A-37. (abstract)
    Current Support:
    • USDA, University of Maryland Food Stamp Nutrition Education Contract. $3,450 for 10/01/2014 to 9/30/2015.
    Outreach Activities:
    • Monthly healthy food and budgeting presentations to food stamp eligible participants in Baltimore City via the Maryland FSNE/ SNAP-Ed program.
    • Interns actively participate in outreach activities during supervised rotations at DC Central Kitchen, Moveable Feast, PG County Office on Aging, Montgomery County Office on Aging and Campus Dining Services Sustainability Program.
    • Interns participate annually at Maryland Day in Ag Alley representing NFSC.
    Professional Membership:
    • The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association)
    • The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the Maryland Dietetic Association)
    • The Maryland Dietitians in Health Care Communities (MD DHCC)
    • The National Restaurant Association, Faculty Member (past)
    Professional Activities:
    • Chair, MD DHCC (2015-2016)
    • Invited Member, ADA/AND Nutrition Informatics Committee (2010-2013)
    • Technical Expert Collaborative, USDA/CNPP Nutrition Evidence Library (2010-2012)
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Area 6 Outstanding Educator Award to Internship Directors, 2012.
    • University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: On Campus Staff Excellence Award, May 2011.
    • Maryland State Board of Dietetic Practice, Appointed by the General Assembly, 2000-2004, Elected Vice-Chair, 2003.
    • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, The Maryland Dietetic Association, 1998.
    • Herbert & Lillian Powell Fellowship, The University of Chicag, 1982.
    • Martha F. Trulson Scholarship, The American Dietetic Association, 1982.

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