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Jason P Wight

Assistant Research Scientist

Assistant Research Scientist

Plant Science & Landscape Architecture 2102 Plant Sciences Building 4291 Fieldhouse Drive College Park, Maryland 20742

Program Focus

Agronomy Trials Center Mission

  1. To assist personnel of UMD Dept. of PSLA and UME in designing and implementing field experiments to accomplish their research objectives; primarily by germplasm development, hypothesis testing and evaluation of novel technologies
  2. To  facilitate the development of new varieties of winter wheat, grain barley, malting barley, and triticale with increased disease resistance, and improved yield and quality
  3. To assess technologies that reduce the impact of Fusarium graminearum, i.e.,  Head Blight or scab in small grains
  4. To increase cool-season small grains and cover crop planting options available to Maryland producers through field evaluation of new germplasm, experimental lines, and commercial varieties as well as novel cropping systems
  5. To assess and determine the impact of factors such as crop variety, amendments, chemical application, cropping sequences, cover crops, plant populations, nutrient management, and genetic improvements of plant traits on crop production, quality, disease response, and weed populations.


The ever-growing world demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel has grounded my belief in the need for improved agricultural productivity. As such, my focus is cropping-systems based research that is designed to develop and analyze agronomic production practices that optimize yield, reduce input costs, improve crop and environmental quality, and increase long-term economic sustainability. Some specific goals of my work are to evaluate improved small grains and soybeans varieties, increase yields, and to enhance soil carbon and soil quality, nutrient cycling, nitrogen and water use efficiency, biomass production and pest management options. I have experience working with multiple crops, including: barley, bermudagrass, canola, corn, corn silage, pine trees, rice, rye, sorghum, soybean, sunflower, switchgrass, triticale, and wheat.


●   Ph.D. - Plants, Soils, and Insects, concentration in Soil Science, minor in Statistics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, December 2008   

●  M.Sc. - Environmental Toxicology, concentration in Soil Science, Louisiana State University,

   Baton Rouge, LA., May 2001

●  B.Sc. - Environmental Management Systems, concentration in Soil Science, minor in Chemistry, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. 1999