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Erin Bowman

Faculty Assistant

Faculty Assistant

Food Supplement Nutrition Education 6615 Reisterstown Road Suite 201 Baltimore, Maryland 21215


  • School food environment
  • Baltimore City
  • Healthy food
  • Racial justice
  • Nourishing wellness

Erin holds a BA in History and Philosophy from Loyola University Maryland, and is working towards an MS in Counseling Psychology at the University of Baltimore. She is certified in Permaculture design and has been trained in community organizing by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).

Previously, Erin worked as the Community Engagement Manager at Thread, a Baltimore nonprofit. A believer in the power of food and community to transform--on micro and macro levels--she organized "Conversation Thread": 100 dinners on 1 night involving 1000 people, bringing people together across barriers of race and class. Prior to that, she worked in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood in Central West Baltimore, the majority of her time spent working closely with the local elementary school (Dorothy I. Height, formerly John Eager Howard, #61) and Whitelock Community Farm. While there, Erin led Dorothy I. Height's wellness and environmental education initiatives, garnering city, state, and national recognition. Additionally, Erin played an instrumental role in Reservoir Hill's parent and community organizing efforts that contributed to Baltimore winning $1 billion for school facility funding. Her team then developed a city-wide model in community engagement around school design, strengthening community in the neighborhood before construction began.

Through this work, she came to know the complex challenges of creating change in Baltimore City, the beauty in Baltimore City neighborhoods, and the crucial importance of wellness in the sustainability of any change movement. Our children are our future and Erin sees a direct connection between school lunches, city health outcomes, and child learning.