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Ms. Amy Rhodes

Senior Agent

4-H Educator

Wicomico County P.O. Box 1836 Salisbury, Maryland 21802-1836


  • 4-H
  • Youth Development
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Robotics
  • mindfulness
  • leadership

Amy Rhodes serves as the 4-H Extension Educator, Senior Agent focused on Youth Development for Wicomico County, University of Maryland Extension. Mrs. Rhodes has been with extension since 2006 and has served various roles on local, state and national committees serving 4-H and the university. Including president elect, president, past president from 2011-2015 for the Maryland Association of Extension 4-H Agents (MAE4-HA), she was also the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), Regional Director from 2013-2015, and the NAE4-HA Virtual Professional Development Task Force Chair from 2013-2015.  She has been elected to serve as the 4-H representative for the Faculty Advisory Council Executive Committee for 2018-2019.

Mrs. Rhodes graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Salisbury University and a M.S. in Horticulture from North Carolina State University. Her focus areas include youth development practices related to volunteerism, leadership development, youth/adult relationships, Mindfulness, STEM, Robotics, and Communication Arts. Mrs. Rhodes also works with 4-H Club development, volunteer and member recruitment, fundraising/financial management, event management, marketing, and outreach. 

Resume and Curriculum Vitae Summary

Amy L. Rhodes

Educational Background

2000                       Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD, Degree: Bachelor of Science, Major: Biology

2004                       North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, Degree: Master of Science, Major: Horticulture

Employment Background

2000-2001              Biological Science Technician, Grade: GS-404-5, USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Snow Hill, MD

2002-2004              Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Horticulture, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

2004-2006              Program Specialist, Grade: GS401-11-1, USDA, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) (now called NIFA) Plant Systems Unit, Washington, DC

2006-present           Senior Agent, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, University of Maryland Extension, Wicomico County, Salisbury, MD

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

  • Professional verbal and non-verbal communications.
  • Dedicated to listening to each individual with an open mind.
  • Ability to initiate negotiation and problem solving tactics.
  • Logical decision making and prioritizing needs.
  • Understanding the necessity of assertiveness and resolution building in difficult times.
  • Emphasizes the importance of motivating a team and promoting positivity to increase morale.
  • Utilizing an individual’s strengths and capitalizing on their talents.
  • Creative and out of the box thinking, with realistic planning methods and goal setting.
  • Passion for teaching, guiding, molding, and growing a program or individual to their full potential.

Professional Development Independent Study in areas of Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Moments
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques
  • Creative Listening and Choosing Words Wisely
  • Understanding Why Communication Fails
  • Empathy and Thankfulness
  • Group Dynamics and Personalities

Youth Development Experience

  • Over nine years of professional 4-H youth development experience.
    • Three years as a 4-H Club leader.
    • Two years as 4-H Camp Director.
  • Ten years as a Water Safety Instructor for youth and adults.
  • Twelve years as a youth soccer coach.

Understanding the University Dynamics and the Extension Environment

  • Nine years of yearly Individual Extension Plan (IEP) and CV development process.
  • Knowledgeable of university performance review and evaluation processes.
  • Experienced with local, state and federal program reporting systems.
    • Demographics, Outreach Efforts, Participation, Impact Statements, Direct and Indirect Teaching Contacts.
  • IRB application, grant processing, and budgetary reporting.
  • Experienced with conducting needs assessments, program development, grant securement, community partner establishment.
  • University travel documentation, reporting and preparation processes.
  • Maryland 4-H representative and delegate at PILD.
  • University Human Resources Search Committee Chair for a total of five positions.
  • Current environment consists of cluster (multi-county) based units lead by Regional Extension Directors.
  • Contributing team member for the University Strategic Plan and Plan of Organization.
  • Served two years as the 4-H representative for the Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee (FSAC).

Talks, Abstracts, and Professional Papers Presented

  • Co-author on two refereed journal article.
  • Sixteen invited national presentations
  • Eleven contributed talks at a national conference.
  • Three contributed poster presentations at national conferences.
  • Four contributed talks at regional conferences.

Films, CD’s, Photographs, Power Points, Websites

  • Contributed nine photographs to 4-H Robotics Year Round Training Guide, published on-line by National 4-H Council.
  • Editor and designer for a Power Point series, UME Volunteer Policy, used statewide by faculty to certify University of Maryland Extension volunteers.
  • Author and editor of three websites.
  • Editor, co-author, and designer for 17 University documents (10 in volunteer, 1 social media, and 6 in evaluation instruments) available on the Maryland 4-H website.
  • Producer of one film, “Join 4-H, Maryland 4-H Youth Development: Making the Best Better, One Child at a Time” posted on-line, used for statewide public relations, and aired on community television.
  • Designer for ten marketing and promotional pieces used statewide by staff of the Maryland 4-H Program.

Curriculum Development

  • Co-author for a national curriculum, “4-H Robotics Year Round Training Guide.” Curriculum contains a Getting Started Guide and nine modules. Curriculum totals 368 pages and includes ten PowerPoint presentations with a total of 247 slides. Each module consists of a downloadable PDF lesson plan, PowerPoint and handouts, which are available for download on the National 4-H website.


  • Total of $507,824 from twelve solicited grants in the areas of 4-H Life Skills Development and Program Enhancement, Multimedia Arts and Design, and Science and Robotics Literacy.
  • Principal investigator for eight and co-investigator on three grants. 
  • Grant funds acquired for Wicomico County: $61,479
  • Grant funds acquired beyond Wicomico County: $443,145
  • Total of $47,494 received in solicited funds.
  • Total of $53,197 from in-kind donations.
  • Total of $344,014 from volunteer services (Independent Sector value of volunteer time)

Fellowships, Prizes and Awards

  • Received seven regional, ten state finalist awards from the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) and a recognition of accomplishment as a NAE4-HA Regional Director.

Teaching, Mentoring, and Advising

Extension Activities

  • The Maryland 4-H Youth Development program, through University of Maryland Extension (UME), is organized under the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Maryland. The Maryland 4-H Youth Development Educator is a faculty position that strategically aligns with the three National 4-H Mission Mandates, the four UME Strategic Plan Initiatives, and the long term goals of the UME Impact Teams. 
  • Assigned to Wicomico County, with primary responsibilities to county citizens, with major program focus in the area of positive youth development.

Major Extension Programs

  1. Science and Robotics Literacy Program Objectives:
  • Build capacity and advocate for effective STEM integration in the community
  • Provide STEM professional development.
  • Increase the number STEM leaders, both youth and adult, within the 4-H program
  • Advocate for pursuit of higher education and careers opportunities in STEM
  • Develop partnerships and collaborations within the community that are STEM centric


  • Provided 106 presentations instructing 1,981 youth and adults on science and robotics topics.
  • Wicomico County 4-H has experienced 27% membership increase, 38% volunteer increase, 27% club growth increase. 
  • Contributed to the establishment of robotics programs for four additional neighboring counties: Worcester, Talbot, Somerset, and Dorchester. Rhodes held demonstration interest meetings, secured equipment, and trained volunteers.
  • Principal investigator for two grants with National 4-H Council and Maryland 4-H resulting in $66,421 grant funds secured for Maryland robotics programming.
  • 4-H Robotics Year Round Training Guide is on the 4-H National Council website and has received 15,074 page views and 1,510 downloads from 2011 - 2014.
  1. Multimedia Arts and Design Program Objectives:
  • Develop learning opportunities so participants can develop a comfortable understanding of the various tools used to develop effective digital media.
  • Educate participants about portfolio development, higher education opportunities, career potential, and entrepreneurship.
  • Expose participants to local businesses/organizations/educational facilities
  • Guide participants to create media that reflects messages of positive change, fact based issue awareness, and personal interpretation and reflection for our society and the environment.


  • Provided 63 presentations instructing 914 youth and adults on art and design topics.
  • National 4-H Council recognized the Wicomico County AYV Project as a lead pilot program, a feature story entitled “Adobe Grant Helps 4-H Youth Get Creative” highlights the success is on their website and features an interview of Rhodes.
  • 4-H Artist Honors–Wicomico County 4-Her was awarded top honors having her documentary chosen as the feature film at the National Association of 4-H Agents Conference Film Festival.
  • Three 4-Hers traveled to the National 4-H Film Festival in Branson, Missouri in 2011 where they competed and were awarded a second and third place honor under Rhodes’ direction.
  • 4-Hers have obtained internships and careers as photographers and graphic designers through direct participation in the ACT program.
  • Principal investigator for two grants and co-investigator for one with National 4-H Council and Maryland 4-H resulting in $38,175 grant funds secured for Maryland 4-H programming.
  1. 4-H Life Skills Development and Program Enhancement Program Objectives:
  • Expand 4-H programing through traditional and modern programming, offering safe environments, caring adults, belonging, and inclusivity.
  • Provide youth and families with opportunities to develop and master life skills that lead to positive life and career choices.
  • Provide youth and families with support systems and mentors which can be found through staff, peers, parents, and adult volunteers associated with their club and the 4-H program.
  • Promote the value of community service and selfless acts in regard to thinking locally and globally.
  • Provided 17 presentations instructing 334 youth and adults on youth development topics.
  • 4-H has established partnerships with local community centers in low income areas and serve those sites with 4-H programming each year.
  • 4-H conducts in-school enrichment for all 17 elementary schools in the county. 
  • Grants funding totaled $38,360 toward county enhancement related programs.
  • 100% of Wicomico 4-H community clubs participate in community service projects. Youth develop a stronger sense of community and the selfless giving to others.

Supervision, Management, and Leadership of Others

Supervision and Management, Certified Volunteers – 2006-present

  • Rhodes provides mentoring and conducts volunteer training for current volunteers which includes topics on club enhancement, diversity, financial management, charter certification, social interactions, behavior management, and performance.


  • 4-H STEM faculty members, which included three Faculty Extension Assistants and an Associate Agent faculty member.

Supervision, Eastern Shore 4-H Camp

  • 2007. (41) campers age 8-13, (8) teen leaders age 15-17, and (6) adult volunteers.
  • 2008. (27) campers age 8-13, (2) teen leaders age 16, and (6) adult volunteers.

Supervision, AYV Grant Participants


1.   Professional

  • Maryland Association of Extension 4-H Agents (MAE4-HA), Member. 2006-present
  • MAE4-HA Communications Committee, Chair. 2009-2011
  • MAE4-HA Executive Board, President Elect. 2011-2013
  • MAE4-HA Executive Board, President. 2013-2014
  • MAE4-HA Executive Board, Past-President. 2014-2015
  • National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), Member. 2006-present
  • NAE4-HA Communication and Expressive Arts Committee, Member. 2009-2012
  • NAE4-HA Communication and Expressive Arts Committee, Co-Chair. 2010-2011
  • NAE4-HA Website and Communications Subcommittee, Chair. 2010-2011
  • NAE4-HA State Relations Team. Regional Director, Northeast Region. 2013-2015
  • National 4-H Council, National 4-H Robotics Committee, Member. 2012-2015
  • NAE4-HA Professional Development Committee, Virtual Professional Development Taskforce, Chair. 2015-2016.

2.   Campus

  • UME Community Resource & Economic Development (CRED) Impact Team. Core Member. 2010-2015
  • UME Community Leadership & Civic Engagement (CLCE) Impact Team. Affiliate Member. 2010-2015
  • UME 4-H Faculty Extension Assistant Search Committee. Search Chair. 2011
  • UME RFP Panel. Impact Team Grant Proposal Selection. Committee Member. 2012-2013
  • UME Marketing and Branding Committee. Member. 2012-present
  • UME Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD). Delegate. 2013
  • UME Faculty Staff Advisory Committee. Member. 2013-2015
  • UME 4-H STEM Employee Search Committee. Search Chair. 2013

3.   Department

  • 4-H Volunteer Curriculum Committee. Member. 2006-2009
  • 4-H Environmental Sciences Curriculum Committee. Member. 2007-2009
  • 4-H East Region Committee. Chair. 2007-2010
  • 4-H Youth and Adult Leadership Committee. Member. 2009-2011
  • Maryland 4-H Robotics Core Team. Member. 2010-2014
  • Maryland 4-H Social Media Policy Committee, Member. 2011
  • Maryland State Fair. Superintendent. 2010-present
  • Maryland 4-H Marketing and Branding Task Force. Member. 2012-present
  • Maryland 4-H Evaluation Team. Member. 2012-2014

Proficient Computer and Technology Skills

  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher
  • Adobe Products: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Acbrobat, Premiere
  • Website development and management software: Weebly, Cascade, Drupal
  • University Wiki, Qualtics Evaluation Tools,
  • 4-H Online Enrollment Database
  • University of Maryland Extension Reporting System (UMES)
  • Event Management Software: Eventbrite
  • YouTube, Social Media Sites and Utilities
  • LEGO WeDo Robotics and Software
  • LEGO Mindstorm Robotics (NXT and EV3 Platforms) and Software
  • Computers, LCD Projectors, Scanners, Printers, Wacom Drawing Tablets, Webcameras, Ipads