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A Message From Dean Beyrouty

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the start of our college-wide strategic positioning process, a comprehensive project designed to ensure success in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for many years to come. To be clear, we are not developing a new strategic plan. My aim is to reflect on the state of the college through examination of the future implications of trends and issues affecting our society, state, industries and communities with the ultimate goal of coming to consensus on primary focus areas to inform our work and public opinion.

The purpose of this project is to establish our college as a leader in key thematic areas, areas where we are already well positioned with existing expertise and programmatic direction but haven’t clearly articulated internally or externally. I’ve noticed some gaps in public perception of our work, and view this as a critical next step in building a stronger and more influential college. Once identified, we’ll develop strategic messaging around each of these thematic areas that describes the breadth and depth of our expertise and the impact we intend to make. We will also use these themes to develop multidisciplinary teams and to seek additional extramural funding to advance our efforts for long-term success and greater impact. My hope is that this process will also help us develop a college-wide brand, streamline messaging, increase efficiencies, and support our faculty and staff.       

Specifically, the process will involve capturing stakeholder input (both internal and external), gathering and evaluating data/feedback, and creating the college’s strategic vision. This will be a data and stakeholder driven effort.

College leadership has worked to identify a core team of individuals to drive the process. This talented team brings a unique set of skills to the table and will spend the next several months listening to employees and stakeholders of the college as well as studying peer institutions. We are committed to maximizing the use of everyone’s time while still allowing us to listen to and learn from as many as possible. I’d like to take a moment to recognize this committee, with particular thanks to Lisa Lachenmayr and Glori Hyman for serving as co-chairs. Team members have agreed to carve out significant time in their busy schedules to help advance this initiative, and I am very grateful. For reference, the full list of committee members is included in a separate tab on this site. 

To ensure the process is run efficiently, we have reached out to a proven leader in this area of work. We have employed Dr. Mitch Owen, a former NCSU Organization Development Specialist and administrator with over 33 years of university experience. Mitch is uniquely qualified to guide us through the process having worked with many of our peer institutions on similar projects.   

To ensure this process is truly meaningful, we plan to engage all those who either work for or benefit from the work of the college. The strategic positioning team will be using several methods to collect input and will look for ways to incorporate your voice. Please participate as fully as you can. We have created a website which will serve as a resource and information portal throughout this process. The site is designed so you may RSVP to upcoming listening sessions and review notes from prior sessions. Thank you in advance for your willingness to engage in this project. With comprehensive support from you and other important stakeholder groups, we believe this process will create a dynamic, forward-thinking, and focused description of a future that will position the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources among the most preeminent institutions of its kind in the nation.


Dean Craig Beyrouty

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