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Strategic Visioning

 A Message From Dean Beyrouty

Dear colleagues and valued stakeholders,

I want to personally thank you for being a part of the college’s strategic visioning process. Thanks in large part to your efforts, we achieved a major milestone and have taken an important step toward shaping the future of our institution. Your participation yielded over 40,000 data points, reflecting important trends and issues affecting our college, state, industries, and society. Each individual comment from our statewide listening sessions was carefully analyzed by our leadership team. Behind the scenes, they worked tirelessly to establish key thematic areas designed to reflect the breadth and depth of our expertise, while promoting our college’s impact for the greater good of our citizens. With the help of a seasoned facilitator, our 30-person team held seven separate retreats and emerged with an inspiring and unanimous blueprint for six strategic initiatives, informed by agreed upon trends, strengths, areas for improvement, operational needs, and core values. They are as follows:

  • Ensure a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed for future generations

  • Chart a path toward food and nutrition security, safety and a healthy food system

  • Ensure innovative, profitable, and sustainable agricultural production systems

  • Optimize quality of life for urban communities through green technology and designed ecosystems

  • Promote improved health and well being

  • Protect and restore environmental health

I am very impressed with the result. Please note that the final wording may be modified, but these initiatives, as they are worded today, reflect the intent of the feedback we received. With these six initiatives as the foundation for our three missions, Research, Academics, and Extension, I believe we will be able to build a stronger and highly influential college. We look forward to sharing more with you as we formally launch our strategic vision.

In the near future, we will be sending you a one-page preliminary summary report to help message our strategic initiatives and direction for the college prior to launch. Please keep an eye out for it in your mail. 

We are grateful for your contributions to this process, and for being a valued member of the Maryland agricultural community. We are here to serve you and the state of Maryland, and we thank you for making us as successful as possible.


Dean Craig Beyrouty

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