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UMD Researcher Uncovers Protein Used to Outsmart the Human Immune System

Ixodes scapularis tick
A UMD researcher has uncovered a mechanism by which the bacteria that causes Lyme disease persists in the body and fights your early, innate immune responses. Dr. Utpal Pal, Professor in Veterinary Medicine, has been studying the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria throughout his twelve years with UMD,...

University of Maryland Professor Receives $720k Grant from NSF to Eliminate “Coffee Rust” Disease in Costa Rica

College Park, MD -- In her quest to eradicate a devastating coffee disease called “Coffee Rust” – an issue that is plaguing Central American families who rely on coffee production to sustain their livelihood – Priscila Chaverri, PhD and two Ohio State University colleagues have received a $2...
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