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Veterinary Student Scholarship Award

Sponsor: Pet Insurance U  |  Application Deadline: December 31, 2017

Scholarship URL:

Scholarship Description

  • Detailed description: Who should apply? Applicants with a proven academic record, financial need and experience in animal advocacy, in particular combatting animal cruelty. This scholarship focuses on the need for future veterinarians to engage with and educate the public in order to help bring an end to animal cruelty and to champion new and better standards for the humane treatment of all animals.
  • Value of the scholarship: $500
  • Number of scholarships available: 1

Eligibility Requirements

  • Academic Requirement: open to veterinary students currently enrolled in the first, second, third or fourth year of the DVM curriculum. Students who have a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and are currently enrolled in a postgraduate academic program in the field of veterinary medicine, and dual-degree students (DVM/PhD, DVM/MS, DVM/MPH) may also apply. 
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0 GPA min. 
  • Residency Requirement(s): None
  • School Year: Open to all veterinary students year 1 through year 4
  • Required college state: All U.S. states
  • Required college or university: All veterinary colleges in the US
  • Required race or heritage: No
  • U.S. Citizenship: Yes
  • Specific disabilities: No
  • Religion or religious heritage: No
  • Gender: Any
  • Marital status: Any
  • Personal statement: Highlight your commitment to improving the lives of animals. 
*Only applications submitted via email through the official scholarship page will be accepted.       

Application Information

Company contact info
Pet Insurance U, 1325 Pacific Highway, Suite 108, San Diego, CA 92101 
Scholarship contact info
Scholarship coordinator: Lisa Brewer  |  Tel: (858) 361-4152   Dedicated email: | Personal email: 

Contact Information

Lisa Brewer

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