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Student Loan Planner Vet School Scholarship 2018

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Scholarship Description

Student Loan Planner Vet School Scholarship 2018

Future veterinarians with more than $100,000 of student debt deserve scholarships too.

You’ve had to handle living expenses without an income, watch your interest accrue while you’re trying to study, and deal with more debt than most people will take out for their mortgage.

The whole point of Student Loan Planner is to help veterinarians who owe six figures on their student loans.

That’s why we’re giving away a scholarship specifically for veterinary students in 2018.

Who is Eligible for this Student Loan Scholarship?

Please read the requirements carefully

You must:

  • Currently owe six figures of student loans, AND
  • Be an active vet student for the 2018-2019 school year OR have just graduated this spring

How Much and What Are We Giving Away?

Student Loan Planner is doing pretty well, but we’re not a multi-million dollar organization either. All of the scholarship money is going to come directly out of the profits of the business. We view this as reinvesting in you as the reader that has helped this platform become successful.

The scholarship will have two components.

  • You’ll get $500
  • You’ll get a free hour student loan plan from me

Veterinarians usually pay me $449 to $595 to consult with them on their student debt, so the scholarship is worth close to $1,000.

How Do You Apply?

We’re going to accept applications between June 1 and August 31.

We plan on publishing the essays in early to mid-September and making a decision by the end of September.

  • You’ll submit an 800-1500 word essay. The topic should describe your experience getting through vet school and tips you might have for others
  • Be creative. This should be a fun and helpful piece that others can learn from. Maybe it describes a unique financial challenge you went through during your studies. Perhaps you’ll write about your future career plans and how you hope to pay back your debt. I don’t want to limit you to the topic but keep in mind it should relate to veterinary medicine and money as a general guideline.
  • If you’re first in your family to go to college, had kids while still in vet school, want to take over the family vet practice, or  want to run your own one day, we’d love to hear that kind of personal detail in your essay. The right story doesn’t matter so much as telling yours well.

We’ll have an initial screening process that will score the essays and narrow down the finalists to two. Then we’ll publish the finalists on the site.

We’ll have a voting mechanism where readers can choose their favorite article, and that will determine the winners.

You should only apply if you’re willing to have your first name, headshot, and essay to be public.

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