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The Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship

Sponsor:   |  Application Deadline: March 1, 2016

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Scholarship Description

To further this vision of making the world a better and more equitable place, our firm offers a scholarship to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to social justice and community outreach.

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is open to a student currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States.  This includes incoming first-year college students who are high school graduates or possess a GED. The scholarship candidate must possess a proven record of interest in social justice through past and present volunteer, professional, or educational experiences. All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing, maintaining a cumulative average grade of a B (3.0 GPA).

Application Information

A updated resumé, that includes academic, professional, and volunteer experience. A 750-word statement on the following prompt: What are some significant challenges people with disabilities encounter on a regular basis? What are some practicable public policies that could address these challenges? Feel free to speak about the challenges you have experienced or witnessed in a loved-one’s life. A current unofficial transcript from the applicant’s school (NOTE: First-year college students must submit an unofficial transcript from their most recent school, as well as an unofficial transcript from their current post-secondary institution.)


HOW TO APPLY: Scholarship candidates must submit a complete application by no later than March 1, 2016.  The materials should be submitted all together by U.S. mail or fax.  Candidates may address fax or mail submissions to:

Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship

Attn: Firm Administrator

409 7th Street NW

Suite 200

Washington, DC 20004

Fax: (202) 664-1331

DEADLINE: 03/01/2016

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