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Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association Scholarship

Sponsor: Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association   |  Application Deadline: November 1, 2016

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Scholarship Description

The purpose of the Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association (MGGA) scholarship program is to provide funds for outstanding students enrolled in a horticulture program at a community college, State College or Private College in the State of Maryland.

The minimum scholarship is $1000 per student and can be up to $3000 per student upon approval of the MGGA board members.

Eligibility Requirements

These following criteria should be considered for the MGGA Horticultural Scholarships:

A. Academics
1. Grade point minimum of 3.0
2. A minimum of 6 academic credits in Horticultural course work per year.
3. Student must furnish the committee with official academic transcript records.
4. Student needs to submit three academic recommendations that speak to their academic record.

B. Personal
1. A one page essay (1000 words to 1500 words) from the student identifying interest in
Horticulture, academic and professional plans.
2. Include in the letter what community service has been performed by the scholarship candidate.

C. Professional
1. Experience working in the industry will be weighed in the favor of the candidate. Candidates must provide proof of employment in the horticulture industry.
2. Recommendation from a horticultural business from which they were employed will enhance the application.

In February of each year the Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association cooperates with the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association in conducting a 2 day seminar for the horticulture industry. On the first day of conference all receptions of awards will be introduced to the membership. All recipients of MGGA scholarships will be requested to attend Chesapeake Green and give a short presentation on what course work they are taking, employment history in the green industry, and any interesting projects the student is working on in the horticulture field.

The MGGA board members would like to have a semi-annual report sent to the Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association Board of Directors , providing a report of course work progress during the year that the scholarship is granted.

Application Information

An application must be filled out by the student by November 1 of current year. The form is
submitted electronically to . Application must list:

1. student’s name,
2. address,
3. e-mail
4. horticulture program/school they are enrolled in currently

Applicants must provide a written essay of 1000- 1500 words describing why they are worthy of a MGGA scholarship grant. Please include how the money will be used to further your
education and advance your proposed career in horticulture.

Scholarship award will be announced by December 15 of the current year. Checks will be made
to the College Department that the student is enrolled in to be used for the students tuition

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