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Maryland Grain Producers Association Scholarship

Sponsor: The Maryland Grain Producers Association  |  Application Deadline: June 1, 2018

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Scholarship Description

The Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board allocates grain checkoff funds to support a college scholarship program. The program is administered by the Maryland Grain Producers Association to support students enrolled in a Maryland or an out-of-state institution who are pursuing a career in an agricultural field. 

The scholarship is to provide financial support to students interested in pursuing an agriculturally related career. Given the dynamic changes in agriculture today, the advances in biotechnology, global positioning systems, environmental protection, and crop and livestock production, Maryland's grain farmers believe it is very important to encourage students to consider careers in agriculture by supporting their educational needs through scholarships

Eligibility Requirements


Applicants must be a resident of the state of Maryland and be enrolled or accepted to a four-year institution working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree, or enrolled or accepted to a two-year institution with an agricultural program. The applicant, or the applicant’s immediate family, must be involved in the production of grain in Maryland. Prior scholarship winners will be considered, however the award will be given to the non-recipient if the top scores are of equal value. The scholarship will only be awarded to prior recipient twice. Students whose applications were declined in prior years are encouraged to reapply.


The Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship recipients. The selection will be based on the student's agricultural background, family farm involvement, financial need, grade point average, agricultural related studies, career goals, and extra curricular activities. The awards will be presented at the Maryland Commodity Classic at Queen Anne's County 4-H Park the fourth Thursday in July. Recipients are expected to attend.


Application Information

Interested students should return a completed application. The Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship Committee may request additional information prior to the selection. Applications must be received by June 1st. Mail to Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship Committee, 209 Jarman Branch Drive, Centreville MD 21617 or email to

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Contact Information

Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship Committee

123 Clay Drive
Queenstownq, MD 21658
United States

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