College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Tips for Academic Success

Higgins Plan for Academic Success

  1. Go to class, every class. Sit in the front in the same seat every day. Ask questions, use faculty office hours and document absences
  2. Recopy lecture notes using double column method, major concept are on the left and supporting details on the right
  3. Obtain and use examinations from previous semesters
  4. Group study, especially for harder classes
  5. Solve problems and answer questions during an odd moment, cold turkey during the day to prove that you know the material
  6. Go to the writing center and tutoring early in the semester
  7. Time management skills - a daily task, prioritize (do you want to do the assignment worth 20% of your grade, or an assignment worth only a few points first?), setting aside time to study
  8. Exam day tips: rise early, shower, dress for winning, eat and minimze caffeine and sugar, review only 7 items, avoid stress mongers, get to the exam early

DETER test taking method

D: Directions - read the directions, do what they say!

E: Examine - see how much you have to do

T: Time - decide how much will be spent on each item, spend the most time on the items that count for the most points

E: Easiest - answer the easiest items first

R: Review - make sure your answers are as accurate as possible

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