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Feed the Future & Food Security in Africa: A Case Study on Ghana

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
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Charles Carroll Room, Adele H. Stamp Student Union

Ghana in West Africa has been selected as a UMD NFSC Study Abroad program for May 2015. The country was first the first in Africa to achieve independence from the British rule in 1957 and also the first country in Africa to receive Peace Corps volunteers in 1961. Currently, the country is also a recipient of the US Feed the Future, Global Hunger initiative. With a model, stable, mature democracy, and governance with free press unparalleled in Africa, Ghana has witnessed a very high economic growth. Resultant high foreign direct investments and rapid urbanization trends have been observed but Ghana faces its own macroeconomic challenges. While this vulnerability may be short-term, it has adversely impacted national development and the population in terms of food security, health and nutritional status. NFSC introduces this knowledge exchange as an international nutrition and development seminar. It aims to engage students and faculty across disciplines to increase awareness and involvement in developing and implementing strategies to solve hunger and malnutrition.

Margaret Udahogora
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