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Aug, 2018
UMD Researcher Helps to Crack the Wheat Genome for the First Time
Jul, 2018
UMD Professor Pal Leads a Team of Investigators Across Institutions to Pave the Way in Tick-borne Illness Research, Receives $7.7 Million Grant for First-of-its-Kind Tick Research Program
Step Aside, Spreadsheets: UMDashboards to Revolutionize how UMD Sees its Financial Big Picture
UMD Assistant Professor Awarded $1.1 Million to Mitigate Rising Sea-level and Saltwater Intrusion Threatening Coastal Farm Viability and Bay Health
$1.3 Million Grant Awarded to UMD Researcher to Develop Precision Breeding Techniques in Livestock
UMD Researchers Identify Genetic Mechanisms to Control Cancer-Like Growths in Mouse-ear Cress Plants with Links to Animal and Human Cells
May, 2018
UMD Food Scientist Guides High School Student Team Towards Revelatory Findings in Women’s Health
UMD Takes Second Place in National EPA Annual Campus RainWorks Challenge for Innovative Design of Green Infrastructure on Campus
Teabow Farms, Inc. to Host Breakfast on the Farm Alongside University of Maryland Extension and the Dept. of Animal and Avian Sciences
Meet Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young, the College Spring 2018 Commencement Speaker
ROOTS Africa Students and Faculty Head to Liberia to Inspire Agricultural and Economic Growth
Apr, 2018
UMD Researcher Discovers Mechanisms and Epigenetic Markers with Implications for Diseases Ranging from Cancers to Infertility
Environmental Science and Technology Professor Invents New Tool Used to Classify and Assess Wetlands
UMD Students Win Big at the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) National Conference
A Breakthrough in Aiding Diabetes Patients Through Development of First-of-its-Kind Pig Research Model
UMD Researcher Uncovers Protein Used to Outsmart the Human Immune System
Mar, 2018
Forty Years of Data Quantifies Benefits of Bt Corn Adoption Across a Wide Variety of Crops for the First Time
Feb, 2018
Tracing the Origins of the Colorado Potato Beetle
UMD Students and Alumni Work Together to Bring the Latest Agricultural Research and Technology to Rural Africa
Jan, 2018
UMD Assistant Professor Reinvigorates an Underused Community Garden in Her Own Neighborhood by Transforming it into a Community Farm and Event Space
UMD Researchers Find Gene that May Greatly Increase Strawberry Production
Dec, 2017
UMD Researcher Develops Innovative Water Treatment System to Clean and Sustain the Port of Baltimore
Nov, 2017
The Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) Launches the New as a Leading Resource for the International Food Safety Community
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Announces Animal and Avian Sciences Professor Iqbal Hamza as a 2017 Fellow
Animal and Avian Sciences Professor Receives $1 Million to Advance Animal Well-Being and the Poultry Industry
Second Annual Undergraduate Ideation Competition is Nearing the Final with 10 Multidisciplinary Teams
University of Maryland Extension Specialist Receives National Award for Research Excellence in Water Use Management
Results of Major Needs Assessment Study Show Regulations and Legislation as the Top Concern for Maryland Farmers
Pioneer Health Research from Veterinary Medicine Professor Attracts Over $2.3 Million in New Funding
Oct, 2017
UMD Solar Decathlon Team Takes 1st Place in the U.S., 2nd Place in the World
ALEI to Host the Third Annual Environmental Law Conference
Let Your Voices Be Heard! College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Thriving Workplace
Animal and Avian Sciences Professor Receives $1.39 Million in New Funding to Improve Animal and Human Health
Maryland Farmers Contribute to National Study Showing Health Insurance Costs are Threatening Farm Viability
Sep, 2017
UMD Returns to the Solar Decathlon 2017 Hoping to Channel Their 2011 Victory


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