College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Turkey Agricultural Training

Prof. John Lea-Cox and graduate assistant Bruk Belayneh demonstrate an advanced
sensor-based network used to irrigate strawberry plants. (2015)

IPAN has partnered with HasNa, Inc. to train Turkish extension agents and farmers in a variey of subject areas.   Workshops at University of Maryland are held every 1-2 years, for a co-hort of 10-15 agents and farmers.  Through visiting Maryland farms and classroom instruction, they learn about:

  • machinery and equipment usage -- tractors, sowing, harvesting and packing machines
  • water management  -- shifting to sprinkle and drip irrigation systems
  • growing diverse crops, multi-cropping and building new orchards.  Fruits and vegetables instead of conventional cereals and cotton.
  • implementing environmental stewardship and sustainability -- abandoning excessive tillage operations and the practice of burning crop residue, limiting the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and volunteer service to prevent environmental pollution
  • developing a marketing plan

Photo: Ann Leger

The partnership with HasNa, Inc. started in 2006, with AGNR Sr. Agent Dale Johnson as the lead instructor.  IPAN has also conducted irrigation training in Maryland and distance education training between Maryland and Turkey.

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