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Sustainable economic development is a major challenge in many developing countries, where large percentages of the population live below the poverty level. In these countries, a shortage of natural resources, lack of modern technology, and an acute shortage of personnel with management and technical skills create an urgent need for a systematic investment program for the development of human capital.

International Training Programs (ITP) is a unique entity within IPAN. Its specific role is to offer short-term customized training programs designed to meet the project needs of developing countries in managing their growth, particularly through managerial programs and utilization of natural resources.

Training programs have included: (1) food security policy; (2) monitoring and evaluation; (3) sustainable agriculture; (4) business management and planning; (5) decentralization; (6) agricultural research management; (6) research extension linkages and privatization of extension; and (7) use of MIS in improving agricultural research management.

The programs are often tailored to diverse professional development objectives, time availability and financial resources. Programs typically run from 2 to 4 weeks.

In addition to these programs, ITP has conducted several workshops for World Bank Task Managers. ITP is registered as a small contract vendor with the World Bank, and has held workshops on Nutrient Management and Managing Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment.

Past Workshops

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