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Faculty Exchanges

Farmer to Farmer:  Many faculty take advantage of Farmer-to-Farmer programs that send agricultural experts to developing countries to work with local farmers on improving their productivity.  Besides the professional benefits, most faculty find they learn more about their own craft simply by virtue of teaching it to others.  They also can learn about problems that may be unique to a foreign country.

Farmer-to-Farmer is funded by USAID and run by organizations such as ACDI/VOCA, Winrock International, CNFA, Partners of the Americas, Land O' Lakes, OCI International, and Chemonics International. 


In 2010, Dr. Ray Weil, a soil scientist in the Environmental Science & Technology Dept., participated in an ACDI/VOCA Farmer-to-Farmer program in Liberia.  In this photo, the ACDI/VOCA staff, Marvelous and Leona cut macuna for analysis after Dr. Weil suggested it could be used for green manure.

If you are interested in participating in the Farmer-to-Farmer program, contact one of the organizations mentioned above, to be placed in their database.  Be persistent!  Just having your name in the database may not be enough -- contact project coordinators at the organization to let them know of your interest.

Faculty Exchanges: IPAN coordinates faculty exchanges between the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) and foreign universities, and long-term study programs.  Faculty exchanges are six months to one year in length.  We have had a visiting Indian scientist work on bioremediation, another on crop science, and yet another on fish biotechnology projects.   These programs can be designed by the exchange candidate and his or her supervising UMD professor. 

Yahong Yuan is a faculty member from Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China.  She is a food safety specialist who spent the 2007-2008 year conducting research with Dr. Martin Lo. 


Spend your Summer in Angers, France at the Ecole Superieure de Agriculture

Live with a French family. Sample the finest French foods and wines. Get into some language. Learn about French history and culture. Experience an emphasis in . . .

  • Agriculture (horses, dairy cattle, pigs, and more!)
  • Viticulture (and sample the wines!)
  • Gastronomy (and food quality topics!!)
  • Horticulture (flowers plus!)
  • Agribusiness (how does the European community do it?) or even Rural Tourism (a possible cash crop for small farm USA?)
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