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Taiwan: Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan

Ming Chih Forest, Taiwan                                      Photo by Junchao Lu


What's the scoop?

The objective of this unique study abroad experience is to explore, analyze and learn about biodiversity, agriculture and culture in Taiwan. Through hands-on activities, field trips and lectures, students will acquire a broad knowledge of the country's agriculture, biodiversity, and culture. At the end of their time abroad students will more fully understand global biodiversity and agriculture as well as have an increased understanding and appreciation for Taiwanese culture.

The course has been designed and is being offered by the National Taiwan University, College of Bioresources and Agriculture and is for those students who want to acquire a broad knowledge of the flora and fauna, agriculture, environmental issues, and culture of Taiwan. Students will also have the opportunity to attend classes for an introduction to the Chinese language. Field trips will expose the students to various ecological zones of Taiwan. 

The 2018 program is July 7 - Aug. 5.  Applications are due March 15, 2018. Admissions for the program are made on a rolling basis, and applications will not be reviewed until they are complete. Early application is advisable.

Students also may add-on the internship component, known as the Lab Research Work & Internship (LRWI).  The LRWI session is June 7-July 7.  Students work closely with an NTU faculty in developing a project and doing fieldwork.   The cost of the LWRI is an extra $400, which pays for the coursework and lodging.   Unfortunately, UMD does not give credit for the internship.

What course will I take?

AGNR has partnered with National Taiwan University, who conducts the Taiwan BACT course (Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan).  Our partnership with NTU allows UMD students to pay the discounted tuition, as referred to on the Taiwan BACT page.  (The Taiwan BACT program is not associated with UMD Study Abroad.)

During the program, students will learn through cultural immersion with native students, faculty, and others within the general population and through participation in academic lectures, field trips, and guided tours. Excursions will be to areas of ecological significance, museums, and various institutes. Students will keep a daily journal which should discuss their perceptions of the agricultural, environmental and culture issues of Taiwan prior to this study abroad and how these perceptions may have changed during and after discussions and observations during the course. Students will be evaluated on their participation.

Where will I stay?

To further their immersion, students will be housed at the NTU dorm and in hotels when on field trips.

Who's here to help?

IPAN Coordinator Ann Leger, 301-405-8779, 1118 Symons Hall, is available to answer questions.   She also will take your application, transcript and photo and send it to NTU.

What are the costs?

Program fee for Summer 2018: $ 2,200 plus $300 application fee

UMD Study Abroad Fee: $500

Plus airfare

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