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Dr. Thomas Hartsock

Job Title: 
Emeritus Faculty Member in the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences and Former Director of the Institute of Applied Agriculture
"As a teacher in the animal sciences, I know the value of hands-on teaching opportunities, both for the incredible learning experience and for developing a connection to the animals on which we depend. It's very satisfying to know that my small contribution will help future students get that experience, even when attending college on an urban campus."

Donation: $10,000 to name The Thomas G. Hartsock Tack Room

Born and raised on a small dairy farm, Hartsock was exposed to a few of every kind of farm animal and also helped to raise a majority of the food that he and his family ate. However, due to the small size of his family’s farm and the threat of encroaching development, Hartsock decided to pursue a career in agriculture off the farm in his undergraduate and graduate studies.

In his six years at McGill University (1973-1979) and 28 years (1979-2007) at the University of Maryland, Hartsock oversaw the operation of several university livestock facilities, including the Campus Farm. 

Furthermore, throughout most of his life and even today, there was always a horse or two in the picture, inspiring Hartsock to help revitalize the University's equine program in the six years leading up to his retirement. As a result, Hartsock’s contribution has helped to build the Hartsock Family Tack Room on the Campus Farm.

Hartsock now owns and operates Porky Pines Farm in Clarksburg, Maryland, having reached his long term goal of returning to farm-life after devoting years to providing hands-on opportunities for animal and avian science students. 



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