College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Plant Science

Our curriculum appeals to students who have an interest in plants and their role in the environment. Student in this major come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from rural to suburban and urban areas. Plant Science majors learn basic principles underlying plant growth and development along with a variety of hands-on skills required in growing and managing plants.

Degree Earned: 
Landscape Management
The University of Maryland Landscape Management Program provides students with academic resources applicable to management positions within the horticulture and landscape industries. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the plant sciences, which in combination with business management courses enables graduates to meet the challenges of industry, public horticulture, and entrepreneurship.
Plant Biology
The Plant Science Program is intended as a preparatory curriculum that will qualify our graduates for postgraduate study in any aspect of Plant Biology. Whether the student is interested in working in the rapidly developing field of agricultural biotechnology or wishes to academically contribute to the creation of new knowledge in the plant sciences, this is the option that should be chosen.
Turf and Golf Course Management
The Turf and Golf Course Management Program at the University of Maryland provides students with the broad based skills needed to succeed as a practicing turfgrass professional. The program focuses on golf turf management but also has been designed to expose students to all segments of the turfgrass industry.
Urban Forestry
Urban Forestry is managing our green infrastructure, by planting and maintaining trees in neighborhoods, open space, parks, and urban landscapes, protecting forests and trees during land development, beautifying roadsides, public properties, and cities. The Urban Forestry Program at the University of Maryland offers the education and training to become an urban forester or continue studies in graduate programs in forestry and other related areas.
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