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Agricultural and Resource Economics

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics provides an opportunity for you to develop academic skills that complement your interests and aptitudes. Whether you wish to pursue a career in business or government, you will find training in economic reasoning, management and policy to be a good foundation.

Degree Earned: 
Business Management
Business Management includes courses taken in the College of Business and Management. In addition to two semesters in accounting, this field will expose you to upper-level courses in business finance, marketing, management and law.
Political Process
Political Process features training in political science as well as agriculture, natural resources and environmental economics. Students selecting this field are well-prepared for law school or graduate programs in public affairs or international relations. You may also pursue careers in government agencies or governmental affairs positions in private industry.
Environmental and Resource Policy
Environmental and Resource Policy includes the natural resource and environmental economics courses offered in the Department of Economics. You then choose four courses from biology, geography, agronomy, chemistry and government. When combined with a field in political process, students are prepared to work with a public interest or environmental agency.
International Agriculture
International Agriculture recognizes the multi-national nature of major agricultural firms and markets. Students learn the economics of development, the geography of population, differences in economic systems, and the international aspects of markets and trade. This field can be combined with business management or a self-designed field in a foreign language to prepare you for employment in an international firm or organization.
Food Production
Food Production prepares you for management positions in food processing firms. This field supplements your foundation in economics and business management with courses in the principles of mechanics of food processing.
Agricultural Science
A concentration with a focus on agriculture, covering topics such as Agricultural Mechanics, crops and horticulture, animal science, soils, and environmental quality
Advanced Degree Preparation
A course of study with a focus on economics and mathematics that will prepare the student for graduate work in the economics field.
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