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Large Animal Farm Internship

Persistence Farm  |  Beallsville, MD  |  Posted: Apr 8 2014

Position Summary/Purpose of Position:

Persistence Farm in Beallsville, MD is looking for a couple of interns to work over the summer.

We breed Friesian riding horses, GOS hogs, dairy and meat goats, New Zealand and California meat rabbits, several breeds of laying chickens and some chickens for meat.

The internship is completely hands on. There is a lot of regular farm maintenance like cleaning stalls and feeding animals. As well as record keeping, handling young stock, riding brood mares, working with the vet and farrier, monitoring heat cycles and births. Possibilities to milk goats and make cheeses, yogurt, ice cream and milk soap. If interested can also learn how to humanely butcher and process chickens, goats and rabbits.

We have housing on the farm included if needed.  Work is 5 ½ days a week with one full day and one morning off.

We also take volunteers on a regular basis. Anyone who is looking for first hand experience with large animals or just wants to be on a farm. We trade 4 hours of volunteer work for either a 30 minute beginner riding lesson or a one hour trail ride.

Position Closing Date: Open Until Filled


Cori Antignani

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