College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Outstanding Senior Award - 2yr Program

This recognition is given to a graduating student who has: Provided outstanding service to the Institute of Applied Agriculture; Demonstrated dedicated leadership to Institute and/or AGNR student organizations; Exhibited high standards of citizenship and fellowship; Maintained an above average academic record; Conducted themselves in a manner which reflects positively on their fellow students, the Institute of Applied Agriculture, the College of Agriculture and Natural resources and the University of Maryland System. IAA is asked to make a nomination supported by a record of the student's activities and achievements.

Year Recipient
2004 Deborah Lynn Nykyforchyn
2005 Alisa DeGeorge
2006 Justin Lumpkin
2007 Matthew A. Bauer
Erik Carlson








Samantha Schorr  Jake Smith




Deborah Lakowicz-Dramby

Michael Walsh

Julia Thome

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