College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This recognition is given to a graduate student who has: Demonstrated excellence in conducting research in pursuit of an advanced degree; Exhibited excellence in teaching as related to discipline area and research; Demonstrated leadership and/or service to the department, college and/or university; Maintained high standards of scholarship, citizenship, fellowship; and Conducted themselves in a manner which reflects positively on their fellow students, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the University of Maryland System Each academic program is asked to make a nomination supported by record of the student's activities and achievements.

Year Recipient
2001 Ratna Mukherjea
2002 Rami Dalloul
2003 Lynda Brown
John Kaminski
2004 Govindarajan Dhanasekaran
Lisa Sadar
2005 John W. Parry
2006 Jeffrey Moore
2007 Erin H. Leone







Daniel Reese


Lindsey Vansandt

Natalie Lounsbury

Anna Wallis

Joseph Maher

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