College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Outstanding Alumnus Meritorious Service Award

Recognition will be given to an alumnus making significant contributions to their field of endeavor. The candidate will have developed imaginative methods and programs, displayed leadership and development of leadership in others, and will have established harmonious professional relationships. Primary evaluation of accomplishments should highlight contributions of recent years (5 years or less).

  • Any graduate of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is eligible for this award.
  • Any current AGNR faculty/staff who are also AGNR alumni are not eligible for this award while employed by AGNR.
Year Recipient
1971 C. Walter England
1972 Harry M. McDonald
1973 Paul Mullinix
1974 J. Homer Remsburg, Sr.
1975 Mylo S. Downey
1976 Arthur B. Hamilton
1977 Edward Holter
Ridgely Todd
1978 Howard Crist
1979 H.R. Shoemaker
1980 W. Sherard Wilson
1981 William G. Baker
1982 Paul R. Poffenberger
1983 Joseph L. Newcomer
1984 Albin Kuhn
1985 Francis C. Stark
1986 Robert L. Jones
1987 W. Max Buckel
1988 Arthur B. Hamilton
1989 Elmer L. Cooper
Richard A. Edwards
1990 Robert J. Beiter
J. Landon Reeve, IV
1991 Frank L. Bentz, Jr.
1992 John H. Remsberg, Jr.
1993 Steen G. Westerberg
1994 William David Thompson
1995 Carroll L. Shry, Jr.
1996 T. Edward Lippy
1997 Robert G. Keenan
1998 Fred R. Shank
1999 Robert W. Bryan
2000 Steele Phillips
2001 Paul S. Weller, Jr.
2002 Edwin R. Fry
2003 James R. Moxley, Jr.
2004 John R. Brooks
2005 Robert A. Facchina
2006 David A. Miller
2007 J. Landon Reeve IV









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