College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Outstanding Alumnus Early Career Award

Recognition will be given to an alumnus making significant contributions to their field of endeavor. The candidate will have developed imaginative methods and programs, displayed leadership and development of leadership in others, and will have established harmonious professional relationships. Primary evaluation of accomplishments should highlight contributions of recent years (5 years or less).

  • Any graduate of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources having graduated within the past 10 years is eligible for this award.
  • Any current AGNR faculty/staff who are also AGNR alumni are not eligible for this award while employed by AGNR.
Year Recipient
2004 Jamie S. Jonker
2005 Budhan Pukazhenthi
2006 Michelle Colby
2007 Elizabeth Koutsos


Erin Connor                                                                    

2009    Aruna Panda

2010    Rami Dalloul

2011    David Caudell

2012   Erin Sorrell

2103   April Hall Barszewski

2014   Heather Shive

2014   Tim Allen

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