College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Excellence in Research Award

Candidates should be actively involved in a distinguished research program in basic or applied sciences which has gained significant recognition. It must be clear that the awardee has made a valuable contribution to science. All faculty and staff with an appointment with the Agriculture Experiment Station (AES), either in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or in departments outside of the college (such as Entomology) are eligible for this award. Candidates may be located in academic units on campus, or at off-campus components of the research and education centers. The same person may receive this award more than once during his/her career in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


1970Marvin K. Aycock, Jr.
1971Raymond L. King
1972Hugh G. Grant
1973A. Morris Decker
1974Emory C. Leffel
1975J.H. Axley
1976S.B. Mohanty
1977D.S. Fanning
1978S.B. Mohanty
1979Joseph Soares
1980Amihud Kramer
1981James L. Heath
1982F.W. Wheaton
1983Wayne J. Kuenzel
1984Dennis Stimmart
1985Hugh D. Sisler
1986Ian H. Mather
1987D. Scott Glenn
1988 N/A
1989 N/A
1990Inder K. Vijay
1991Kenneth McConnell
1992Robert G. Chambers
1993Richard E. Just
1994Jay Scott Angle
1995Bruce L. Gardner
1996Phylis B. Moser-Veillon
1997Thomas W. Castonguay
1998Richard A. Erdman
1999Mary Ann Ottinger
2000Erik Lichtenberg
2001Tom Porter
2002Ramon Lopez
2003Nancy E. Bockstael
2004Richard Kohn
2005John A. List
2006Yang Tao
2007Siba Samal









Liangli (Lucy) Yu

 Xiaoping Zhu

Nadine Sahyoun

Utpal Pal  

Erik Lichtenberg

Shirley Micallef

Daniel Nelson

Kate Tully

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