College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Excellence in Instruction Award

Candidates must be dedicated and demanding teachers, clearly demonstrating effectiveness in working with students. Example criteria might be increasing student enthusiasm and involvement in learning, successful graduate student training, innovation in course and program development, evidence of student contribution to science or society, successful efforts in encouraging student enrollment, etc. All faculty and staff with an academic appointment by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources are eligible for this award. The same person may receive this award more than once during his/her career in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


1970Leonard R. Fernow
1971Arthur H. Thompson
1972John E. Foss
1973Donald H. Messersmith
1974Larry Douglass
1975Jerry V. DeBarthe
1976T.F. Albert
1977D.T. Hawes
1978R.L. Baker
1979B.V. Lessley
1980E. Strickling
1981John H. Wheatley
1982Elmer L. Cooper
1983Lee P. Grant
1984R.R. Weil
1985Marla McIntosh
1986James L. Heath
1987Donald V. Schlimme
1988David Sammons
1989Brenda Alston-Mills
1990Phillips W. Foster
1991J. Kevin Mathias
1992Henry G. Mityga
1993Richard A. Ahrens
1994Leon H. Slaughter
1995Suzanne R. Curtis
1996Bruce R. James
1997Estelle Russek-Cohen
1998Robert G. Chambers
1999Geoffrey E. Dahl
2000Nancy Bockstael
2001Christopher S. Walsh
2002D. Scott Glenn
2003Andrew Baldwin
2004Y. Martin Lo
2005Robert T. Jackson
2006Liangli (Lucy) Yu
2007J. Kevin Mathais
Tom Porter









Nancy Brenowitz Katz

 Lance Yonkos

Stephanie Yarwood

Sarah Balcom

Abani K. Pradhan

Angela Black

Lance Yonkos

Nathaniel Tablante  

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