College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Excellence in Extension Award

Candidates should have established a distinguished Extension program which has significant recognition and which can be shown to have benefited the citizens of the state. All faculty and staff with an appointment in Cooperative Extension, either in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or in departments/colleges outside of AGNR (e.g., Chemical and Life Sciences or Health and Human Performance) are eligible for this award. Candidates ma be located in academic units on campus, at off-campus components of the research and education centers, or in a county, The same person may receive this award more than once during his/her career in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

1970Betty Bures
1971David Shriver
1972Joseph L. Newcomer
1973Robert G. Miller
1974John L. Morris
1975Larry E. Stewart
1976H.H. Hoecker
1977Wayne Shaff
1978John L. Crothers, Jr.
1979Claude G. McKee
1980Roy D. Porter
1981V. Allan Bandel
1982Herbert L. Brodie
1983David S. Ross
1984Joanne Leatherman
1985Walter Bay
1986Gary L. Smith
1987L. Ronald Wade
1988 N/A
1989David L. Greene
1990Robert M. Shirley
1991Donald M. Schwartz, Jr.
1992Christopher S. Walsh
1993James C. Hanson
1994Douglas W. Lipton
1995Francis R. Gouin
1996Mark A. Varner
1997J. Lee Majeskie
1998Frank J. Coale
1999Douglas D. Parker
2000Mary Ellen Waltemire
2001David S. Ross
2002Wesley Musser
2003Lewis Carr
2004Gary Felton, Loretta Lynch, Tom Rippen
2005Nathaniel L. Tablonte, Jr.
2006Jon Traunfeld











Jennifer Bentlejewski

Jeff Semler

Dale M. Johnson, Kendra L. Wells

John Lea-Cox

Joshua McGrath

James C. Hanson

Amy Burk

Ann Sherrard

Lynn Little

Paul Goeringer

Haylee Staruk

Wanda MacLachlan

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