College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Winter Term 2018 AGNR Course for New Graduate Students

AGNR is developing a graduate level, intensive course to: (a) instill and practice the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and (b) prepare students to explore commercialization and/or support those already in the process of commercialization

The intent is to create AGNR’s own wave of graduate students and post-docs who become the forefront of AgI2C along with dedicated faculty mentors. This is addressing an under-acknowledged myth that because one is a graduate student, s/he is versed in innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.  We will establish a 1-2 credit intensive course that follows new graduate students’ first semester (usually Fall) at UMD.  We will be modeling this to Mtech’s 7-week course for Smith School MBA students and the I-Corps format.

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