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UME Compliance

ADO-AED-CED Interim Review Form May 2014
Affirmative Action Plan & Approval Letter 2003
Data & Parity Faculty
Data & Parity Primer Recording
Data & Parity Quiz Key
Data Demographic Self-ID Sheet
Data Parity Planning Worksheet
Data Parity Tool
Data Participant Contact Sheet
Data Policy
Documenting All Reasonable Efforts
EEO Employment Statement (English & Spanish)
EEO Program Statement and Publications ( English & Spanish)
Federal Discrimination Laws
Folder 01 - Central File Index
Folder 02 - Civil Rights Act
Folder 02.A - Civil Rights Policy Statement
Folder 02.B -How To File EEO Discrimination Complaint
Folder 02.C - Program Discrimination Complaint Filing Instructions and Form
Folder 02.D - Freedom of Informatin Act (FOIA)
Folder 02.E - Privacy Act
Folder 02.F - How to File an EEO/Civil Rights Complaint - College Of Agriculture & Natural Resources University of Maryland Extension & Maryland Agriculture Experiment Station
Folder 02.G - UME Program Complaint Procedures
Folder 02.H - 7CFR Part 15a Through 15b.42
Folder 02.I - Title VII EEOC Disability Discrimination
Folder 02.J - Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Folder 03 - USDA Secretary's Memo on Civil Rights (2011/Vilsack)
Folder 04 - Title IX Self Evaluation (County & Program Level)
Folder 04.A - Title IX Booklet continued
Folder 04.B - Title IX 4-H Youth Development
Folder 05 - 4-H Inclusive & Diverse Learning Experiences
Folder 06 - Program Accessibililty, ADA Fact Sheet, Sexual Orientation and Communicating with Under-Served Communities
Folder 06.A - SIECUS Fact Sheet on Sexual Orientation and Identity
Folder 06.B - Proposed Rules
Folder 06.C - Section 508 Laws
Folder 06.D - Summary of Section 508 Standards
Folder 06.E - Title II Highlights
Folder 06.F - ADA Self Evaluation
Folder 06.G - Problems with Viewing or Printing the Online Version "And Justice For All" Poster
Folder 06.H Fact Sheet on the EEOC's Final Regulations Implementing the ADAAA
Folder 07 - Reports Showing Program Reach
Folder 08 - Race and Ethnicity Data
Folder 09 - Classified Hiring Procedures
Folder 09.A - OMB Bulletin - Guidance on Aggregation & Allocation of Data on Race for Use in Civil Rights Monitoring and Enforcement
Folder 10 - Media Statement
Folder 11 - Sexual Harassment Prevention
Folder 11.A - Sexual Conduct (English & Spanish Version)
Folder 12 - 4H Contests and Awards
ICR - Internal Compliance Review Guide
ICR Appendices
ICR Best Practices 2001
ICR Best Practices 2002
ICR Best Practices 2003
ICR Best Practices 2007
ICR Best Practices 2008
ICR Best Practices 2009
ICR Best Practices 2010
ICR Best Practices 2011
ICR Best Practices 2012
ICR Best Practices 2013
ICR County Review Schedule 2014 - 2020
ICR Forms Listing
ICR Forms Listing - AA-AF-1 - Internal Compliance Review Response Plan
ICR Forms Listing - AA-AF-3 - Sample Organization Nondiscrimination Letter
ICR Forms Listing - Form AA-AF- 8 - EAC Committee
ICR Forms Listing - Form AA-AF-15 - Training Log
ICR Self-Assessment Questionnaire
UME AA Plan USDA Approval Letter 2003 - Dr. Fretz
UME Limited English Proficiency
UME Limited English Proficiency - Federal Agency Guidelines for Recipients
UME Limited English Proficiency - Frequently Ask Questions
UME Limited English Proficiency - Policy
UME Limited English Proficiency - Proposed LEP Rules
UME Limited English Proficiency - Rules for Assisted Programs
UME MCERS County Diversity Report (Sample 2002)
UME MCERS County Diversity Report (Sample 2007)
UME MCERS County Diversity Report (Sample 2008)
UME Sign Language & Interpreting Services Directory
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