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Fiscal Officers' Meetings

2018 ­- 2019 Fiscal Officers' meeting dates and times are listed below.  The meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Meetings will be held in room 3121 Symons Hall, from 10:00 - 12:00 noon.  You will be notified if the date, time or location needs to be changed.  Light refreshments will be served. 

Fiscal Year 2018

  • Tuesday, January 16th - 3121 Symons Hall
  • Tuesday, February 20th - 3121 Symons Hall - CANCELLED 
  • Tuesday, March 20th - 3121 Symons Hall - CANCELLED DUE TO SPRING BREAK
  • Tuesday, April 17th- 3121 Symons Hall
  • Tuesday, May 15th - 2107 Plant Sciences Bldg.
  • Tuesday, June 26th- 3121 Symons Hall

Fiscal Year 2019

July & August - NO MEETINGS

  • September 25th - 3121 Symons Hall
  • October 23rd - 3121 Symons Hall
  • November 27th - 3121 Symons Hall
  • December 18th - 3121 Symons Hall
  • January 22nd - 3121 Symons
  • February 26th - 3121 Symons
  • March 26th - 3121 Symons
  • April 23rd - 3121 Symos
  • May 28th - 3121 Symons
  • June 25th - 3121 Symons



NamePhoneUnit Name
Dan Ramia301.405.3009AGNR Fiscal Office
Judy Fleming301.405.2946AGNR Fiscal Office
Patti Nitowitz301.405.3023AGNR Fiscal Office
 Norman Pruitt301.405.0044AGNR Human Res.
Chris Aubry301.405.9004AGNR Fiscal Office
Magarita Morales301.405.2815AGNR Fiscal Office
Jessica Vernon301.405.2956AGNR Fiscal Office
 Keith Oful301.405.2903AGNR Fiscal Office
James Evans301.405.2937AGNR Fiscal Office
Ann Legall301.405.1273AGNR APGAS
Gina Hsu301.405.1076AGNR APGAS
Princess White301.405.1052AGNR APGAS
Kirsten McCree301.405.1081AGNR APGAS
Laurie Brown301-405-8778AGNR Human Res.
Dave Kenny301-405-1176AGNR Fiscal Office

Norma Sanchez

301.405.1177AGNR Human Res.
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NamePhoneUnit Name
Bob Carter(301) 405-7357ENST
Michelle Pridmore(301) 405-4374PSLA
Nenita Harris(301) 405-4320NFSC
Carole Dingess(301) 405-4685IAA
John English(301) 403-42484H
Sherry Corbin(301) 596-9330CMREC
Kevin Lepley(301) 314-7862VTMD
Ria Malloy(410) 531-5556HGIC
Sandra Nola(301) 405-1369ANAV
Janice Barber(301) 405-1371ANAV
Suzanne Klick(301) 596-9413CMREC MCE
Barbara South(410) 827-6203WREC
Sherry Corbin(410) 742-1178LESREC
Debbie Cunningham(301) 432-4490WEST REGION
Richard Gomez(410) 827-8056WREC
Ann Leger(301) 405-8780IPAN
Pablo Villafranco(301) 405-2462UME
Bill Katsereles(301) 405-3917LFSC ENTO
Mary Grimley(301) 405-8434JIFSAN
Pam Thomas(301) 432-2767UME West
Yifei Fan(301) 405-4361PSLA
Dany Burns(301) 405-1294AREC
 Aly Valentine301.405.7992UME
Ricardo Morales(301) 314-6840VET MEDS
Pam Moffett(301) 405-1595CBMG
Rhonda Barnhart(410)827-5579EAST REGION
 Lucinda Botlero(443) 283.6154FSNE
Ally Delgado(301) 405-1281AREC
Tysha StatenUMES
Yen Tran(301) 405-2476AGNR IT
Lisa Geraghty(301) 314-7862VET MED
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